Here Are 4 Excellent Reasons Why Musicians Should Post Instagram Reels ASAP

Love them or hate them, Instagram Reels are here to stay. It is no secret that Instagram is valuing video content. Therefore, as a musician, posting Instagram Reels can be a fun way to show off your music and give your audience a behind-the-scenes look at your day-to-day life. Plus, it is also a great way to get your name out there by reaching a bigger audience and engaging existing ones. Still not convinced? Here’s why musicians should post Instagram Reels now, rather than later.

Reasons musicians should post Instagram Reels

Attention spans are getting shorter

There are many statistics on how quickly people can lose their attention. The average attention span is 8 seconds, the average for a teen is 5 seconds, and for millennials, it is just 10 seconds. This is considerably low compared to baby boomers, who have an average attention span of 12 seconds!

We are all more distracted than ever before. However, you can still be successful in social media if you are willing to create compelling content that cuts through the noise. As a result, musicians should post Instagram Reels to attract the attention of their existing fans and remind them of new releases, tours, etc.

The algorithm loves them

Instagram has recently rebalanced its algorithm to favour both reels and photos equally. “So we’re not looking to gut reach for photo-based accounts,” said Adam Mosseri during an AMA. “I do think we went too far on video over the summer and since I think we’ve rebalanced things so I believe and from the data I see and a lot of the photo creators I’ve talked to, things have stabilized over the last month.”

However, the Instagram algorithm takes into account the interests of users – and with more users watching reels, it is no surprise that the algorithm pushes Reels to these users. For this reason, musicians should post Instagram Reels to engage with the algorithm, which in turn will push your Reels to new and potential fans alike.

Your audience is on Instagram

Instagram is an excellent platform for musicians to spread their music, and posting a Reel on Instagram offers many benefits. First, it is free. While paying for a PR agent to get the word out about your music is expensive, Instagram is completely free. All you need is a phone or computer with Internet access, and videos of the music you want people to see.

Secondly, Instagram has over 1 billion active monthly users worldwide. There is no doubt that these numbers will continue increasing, as more and more people join this social media platform every day. Therefore, if you are looking for potential audience members online, Instagram should definitely be high up on your list.

Reels are perfect for music

Posting an Instagram Reel is a great way to become more creative with your content. Since music is an essential part of every Reel, it can be a good way to test unreleased music, promote a new release, and post alternative versions of your songs. Furthermore, it is a great tool to showcase behind-the-scenes footage of video shoots, writing sessions, and performances. Undoubtedly, this makes your fans feel more connected to you and your music.

Get on Instagram Reels!

Instagram Reels are a great way to share your music and get more followers. But they are also an excellent way to show off your skills and promote your music without having to spend thousands on press and radio. Therefore, every musician should post Instagram Reels, as they have become an essential marketing tool for artists. It is the perfect medium to post your best videos and create a compelling story – and it’s fun too!


Janelle knows a thing or two about the music industry. Having been involved in the industry since the age of 13, she's now involved in a variety of music-related projects and is always keen to share industry tips 'n' tricks with fellow musicians.