The Return of Live Music in Europe

When live music returns, it will face a new reality. 

The industry moved towards a more economically efficient model that capitalises on new digital tools. Independent artists can now use their fan base and streaming data as booking arguments for their most important revenue stream – live shows.

80% of Artist’s Income 

In Europe live music is gradually coming back while musicians and fans are impatiently waiting for their next concert. The last few months have been particularly difficult for the music industry that suffered due to the extensive closures caused by the pandemic. 

This is particularly true for small clubs and artists whose profitability heavily relied on live shows. On average 80% of a musicians’ income comes from concerts. 

Lockdown Learnings

While the industry didn’t find a reliable strategy that balances entertainment, profitability, and safety, it learned some crucial lessons during this period: 

  1. Digital structures, live streaming, and social media proved to be viable and profitable solutions for remote entertainment.
  2. Live events need to become more profitable for artists and small clubs.

gigmit, a Berlin based digital platform, anticipated these trends during the pre-pandemic industry and built solutions that feel more contemporary than ever. 

Easy Access to Live

gigmit  is a booking platform that matches musicians and promoters with the help of streaming and fan data. For musicians, gigmit is a digital business card and entry ticket to the world of live music booking. For promoters, gigmit is a management tool that makes their booking more transparent, efficient, and sustainable. It’s a disruptive, simple, and sustainable solution for all parties involved. Since its founding in 2012, gigmit has become Europe’s leading online platform for live music bookings – with more than 160,000 artists and 10,000 festivals and venues on board. It’s now stronger than ever!

The Digital Footprint of the Pandemic

The industry already knew about the importance of social media and online marketing prior to COVID. However, the pandemic has created a completely new and compelling awareness about their necessity for both artists and event organisers. Fans location, listeners, potential audiences, and engagement data can all be used by artists to implement better strategies for their careers. This is also the case for their most important revenue stream: live shows. 

Sold Out Shows Using Data

If promoters know in advance that an emerging act has a fanbase of 500 people in the direct vicinity of their event, they’d be more compelled to consider them for booking. This data, the gigmit FAN INSIGHTS & FAN CHARTS, is automatically displayed with every booking option, individually adapted and always up-to-date. All artists and promoters have to do to use this modern infrastructure of live music booking is register on gigmit and create a profile. All this is free of charge. 

Supporting Independent Artists

Booking that is not based solely on a gut feeling not only helps the emerging artists, but also helps promoters and fans. The Post-Covid industry is more than ever forced to work in an economic fashion, but this shouldn’t be at the expense of grassroot clubs and young talent!  

Booking Artists – for More Than Concerts

During the pandemic we learned that promoters and musicians aren’t solely interested in concerts and festivals. The lockdown fostered live streams, radio airplays, contests, scoutings and collaborations of all kinds. 

These often venue-independent gig opportunities will continue to exist as alternatives to more traditional options even after the pandemic. gigmit now additionally maps the need for these kinds of bookings with the new gigmit CALL product feature. 

There’s no easier or faster way to get artists on stage. An artist page on gigmit is free. With gigmit PRO you can optimise your visibility and use additional product features like the Festival and Venue database to get in touch with promoters. Your fan and streaming data are automatically used as booking arguments for you and your music. Looking forward to a fast and sustainable return to live music in Europe! Sign up now!