Spotify Fan Study: About Music Across Borders

According to the latest Spotify fan study, artists from all four corners of the world continue to break barriers. In addition, music fans are no longer limited to their geographical area when it comes to their listening tastes. Rather, they’re exploring new music from all continents, transforming local artists into international superstars.

Fandoms are more borderless than ever

The latest Spotify fan study suggests that global listeners stream artists from 14 different countries on average every month. Listeners in Europe listen to artists from 16 countries each month. This statistic suggests fans nowadays are more interested in exploring different artists and music, regardless of the language used in the song.

Fans help push artists from different countries to the charts

Over the past five years, fans have helped push artists from outside Europe and North America into the global charts. Indeed, the proportion of tracks reaching Spotify’s Weekly Top Songs chart outside North America and Europe has more than doubled. This is an indication of the upside of streaming – that artists from outside key music hubs have a greater chance of being discovered thanks to streaming platforms.

Collaborations are more useful than ever

Collaborations are always a good way to increase reach. Cross-country collaborations, however, help artists reach a whole new audience. In fact, around 84% of the streams of international collaborations come from outside the country of the main artist, compared to less than 60% for single-artist tracks.

Thai fans share the most songs

According to this Spotify fan study, fans from Thailand share Spotify tracks more than fans from other countries. Thai fans seem to share an average of 7.9 songs each, more than 80% higher than the global average. So if you want to expand your fan base, Thai cities are undoubtedly excellent trigger cities.

Fans in Germany and South Korea listen to songs on repeat

Interestingly, superfans in Germany and South Korea listen to their favourite artist’s songs more than superfans in any other country in the world. According to this data, they stream their number one artist 63% (Germany) and 46% (South Korea) more than the global average.


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