What is a Music Publicist? – Music Industry Jargon Busting

Media visibility and public image are two key elements that need to be taken care of once you reach a certain level of notoriety. This is where publicists come in. Their job is to fine-tune your public persona as your career develops and to ensure that you’re attracting the right kind of attention. 

But when is the right time to add a publicist to your team? And what’s their job description? 

The Basics

A music publicist is someone who handles the PR efforts of a music artist. Their tasks vary depending on the clients’ needs, but they mainly get involved in the run-up to a release campaign or tour in order to ensure that your project gets the best coverage possible. Some publicists work with their clients on a long-term basis, and their role develops alongside their client’s career. 

Their primary role is to work on your public image and target key media outlets that might be interested in your work. They kick off the campaign by creating an EPK – or electronic press kit. This is your digital portfolio:  it typically includes the release artwork, tour poster, artist bio as well as several promo shots. Then, they pitch this EPK and the press release to the press contact list that they have built throughout the years in the hopes of getting earned media coverage (coverage that comes about due to PR pitches. This differs from sponsored content, which is paid.)

After receiving feedback from relevant press contacts, the publicist schedules press interviews and a PR rollout strategy. Some publicists go a step further and arrange photoshoots and video shoots for their clients. Additionally, some of them are involved in creating a cohesive social media strategy that will boost their client’s profile even further. 

Being a successful music publicist in the 2020s requires the individual to stay up-to-date with new technologies. They also need to think outside the box when it comes to building a solid press contact list. An innovative publicist should build meaningful relationships with influencers, brands, podcast hosts and online publications since, nowadays, these individuals have more reach than traditional media platforms. 

When should I get a publicist?

A publicist’s fee can range from a couple of hundred to thousands of dollars. Therefore, you need to be at the right stage in your career to engage with a publisher and see the desired results. 

Have a look at the publicist’s roster before approaching them, and make sure that you ask for their target list and case studies. Furthermore, make sure that they already have some level of notoriety amongst key industry tastemakers so that you can rest assured that you’re getting the best bang for your buck.

Final Notes
Shared vision, goals and business values are essential ingredients for a successful artist-publicist collaboration that ultimately, raises the profile of both the artist as well as the publicist. Keep in mind that a publicist can make or break your career, so make sure that you scour the internet and go through your list of potentials with a fine-tooth comb before settling on


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